Healthy Eating Tips for the New Year

It drives me crazy when people go on fad diets or crash to loose weight. It’s unhealthy and usually leads to gaining the weight right back. These are some good tips for lifestyle changes that will help your overall health.

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Below are guidelines for overall healthy eating are similar for all people (with or without diabetes.) Rather than fads or crash dieting, the following guidelines should become habits to help achieve a healthy body weight and overall health.


  • Limit frequency of restaurant dining and fast food
  • Limit frequency and portion size of desserts
  • Drink 8-11 cups of water daily
  • Avoid or limit all beverages with calories
  • Make slow, gradual changes to nutrition plan


  • Eat a variety of vegetables as frequently as possible.
  • Try to include all colors throughout the week (red, orange, green, yellow, purple).
  • Season with herbs and spices rather than sauce, cheese, butter or oils.
  • Aim for vegetables to cover half of the entire plate.


  • Try lemon juice, vinegar or vinaigrette on salads (For a kick try salsa with fat free sour cream).
  • Dip the fork into dressing first to limit the amount, but still…

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